Affectionately dubbed Ricky the Romanian Rymanian, Aurelian (Ricky) Ciobanu is a perfect example of the great things that can happen when you show initiative and flair at Ryman. The 31-year-old, who is currently site manager at Ryman’s Lynfield construction site, has had a rapid rise since beginning as a sub-contracting labourer on the Evelyn Page build nine years ago.

“The first job offer I got was for two weeks and that turned into a nine year adventure!” says Ricky, who moved to New Zealand aged 18.

His Dad, Constantin, who Ricky had worked with on building sites in Romania since the age of 13, was already working on the village doing the finishing lines of the apartments. When the two of them paired up, word soon got around about their speedy results.

“Matt Hutchinson (the Project Manager) heard about these two Romanians who were doing a whole apartment in a day and a half, so he came to have a look expecting a really rough job and he said, ‘Not bad!’”

An aspiring pilot as a teenager and a numbers whiz who had memorised all the mathematical formulae, Ricky was a member of a model club, where he built model planes and miniature versions of local developments.

He created an incredibly detailed model of Stage 4 of Evelyn Page and even turned that into a competition!

“I was racing Matt – as he built the building, I built the model in the evenings! You could take the roof off and see all the kitchens and bathrooms inside.”

He also developed a reputation for being the guy who could solve the tricky problems, such as the octagon-shaped roofs.

“I became the go-to boy. Any odd job on site people would say ‘Ricky will do it!’

“It’s common sense to me. I have a really good visual memory and I can picture things as 3D in my head and look at it from different angles and I can tell if it’s going to be wrong,” he says.

Ricky officially became a Rymanian in 2013 working on the last stage of Edmund Hillary and from Leading Hand he did his apprenticeship and qualified for it in just a year.

He then became a Structural Foreman for several years at Bert Sutcliffe, where he created a stunning bridge (amongst other things!), and quickly progressed to Site Manager at Lynfield.

"I think it’s great that we have a properly organised site like this so you look forward to coming to work and it’s comfortable. It helps us achieve the results we need and to deliver them on time."

"The first job offer I got was for two weeks and that turned into a nine year adventure!"



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